New Bingo Sites & The Newest Bingo Site Bonuses

This is the Fab new bingo sites page where you can see exactly as expected, new bingo sites! When a new bingo site is launched we do all the same checks we do when comprising our best bingo sites list. That means in a nutshell to be shown here they are firstly new, and safe, licensed and legit.

The sites at the top of the list below are the newest, and go down in order. New bingo sites are a great way for those of us who love to try new things, or those who are bingo bonus hinters to get some more free bingo games, free cash and a nice shiny new bingo bonus.

Newest Online Bingo Sites 2020

Most new bingo sites are launched as part of a network. This is great as it gives that players in the bingo rooms from day 1, and that clearly means there is some action and games for us to join in. It would be a brave move for anyone to launch a new bingo site that stands alone.

For more information see our bingo networks page. You’ll be surprised which bingo sites belong to which networks.

New bingo sites need to make a big first impression. It’s hard to get players to try somewhere new, this is because they are comfortable where they play, have made friends and feel part of the bingo community. New bingo sites need players are they do everything they can to get them. For that reason some of the best bingo bonuses you’ll find are from just launched sites trying to get started, that means some spectacular offers, promotions and sometimes free bingo for us to choose from.

You may love your current bingo site, but the chances are you will grow to love others too. Especially when they are new, being one of the first players to sign up, and being ion the same boat as all other players is exciting and create an even more friendly and positive community spirit than you already have.

How to Choose a New Bingo Site?

Searching for a new online bingo site can feel like hard work, hard work that you don’t necessarily want to have to do. The thing is, however, that in order to make the right choice for your needs, you need to take the time to test out bingo sites that you’re interested in.

  • Promotions
  • Selection of games
  • Security
  • Banking options

These are just four of the areas we always look over when test driving a new bingo website. This may not seem like a lot, but there’s a lot more involved in each of these sections, and so it becomes quite a thorough process. However, while you need to do your homework, it doesn’t take nearly as long as you think.

What Should I Look for in a New Bingo Site?

We’ve already started to touch base on this already in the introduction, and so this part of our guide is designed to go into more depth and really help you make the right choices. Over the course of this section, we’re going to look at promos, licensing, software, and so forth so that you have the perfect checklist to use time and again.

Types of Bonuses at New Bingo Sites

When we say bonuses, we refer to those you get outside of the games, e.g. from the promotions page, rather than any bonuses you win while playing. Despite the iGaming industry being a diverse one, the different types of promos you can expect to see isn’t as vast as you’d think. Most commonly seen on new bingo sites are cashback deals, deposit bonuses, and free spins for those of you who fancy a game on the slots as well. An important feature of the deposit bonuses to note is that they often happen weekly and on set days, e.g. if you deposit £10 on Wednesday before 10pm, you’ll get a 50% deposit bonus. As for additional perks to promos, there’s also the beauty of how common loyalty points are given at new bingo sites, thus giving you a chance to convert points into cash for instant bonus funds.

Loyalty/VIP Schemes

Fittingly, we come to the topic of loyalty schemes next, also referred to as VIP clubs. This is a part of the new bingo site experience that a lot of users savour because of how exclusive yet inclusive it is. You can become part of an elite set of gamers yet gain access to lots of goodies. Of course, the most obvious difference between loyalty and VIP is that the latter can be more difficult to become a part of, especially if invite only.

Types of Bingo Games

If you’ve not played much bingo before, you can be forgiven for thinking there’s not much variation in terms of gameplay. You would, however, be very wrong. There are in fact several different types of bingo games, some of which are more popular than others, which is why it’s one of the most important factors to consider when making a decision about a brand.

The most common, and popular, of the bingo games is 90 and 75 ball bingo, simply because they’re the ones played across bingo halls and thus are the most familiar. However, while they’re good to have access too, there’s also 5-line bingo, 30 ball, 80 ball, speed Bingo, and so on. All of them, while having common attributes, such as pattern making, play in a slightly different way, thus giving players a much needed dose of freshness to their favourite game. If you’re looking for the more niche examples of the games mentioned, make sure to really shop around, as you’ll likely find 90 and 75 ball bingo with ease on any bingo site, but not so much when it comes to the other types.

Slots and Side Games, Software Providers

So what do you do if you want a change of pace, specifically nothing non-bingo related? Most of the time, bingo websites will offer a range of slot machines and scratchcards as an alternative. In fact, we’ve yet to find a bingo site that doesn’t do this. Consequently, bingo sites tend to be good hotspots for one armed bandits as well as bingo, which isn’t commonly known within the community.

Due to a diverse mix of games being offered on bingo sites, when we refer to software providers, we’re most focused on the software utilised to make the site run. As such, the list of providers becomes much smaller than what you may find when researching online casino providers. And yet, while this is the case, it doesn’t make bingo software any less impressive. In fact, several of the providers are big names within iGaming as a whole and not just bingo, and so you’ll have likely heard of them before.

Two of the names you normally see on any bingo site is Dragonfish and Cozy Games, as these two are arguably the giants of the online bingo industry. Both of them have been around for a few years now, thus giving you that reliability you need, and yet they also keep up with bingo development to ensure they can deliver to customers. The only downside we found out of these two is that Dragonfish tends to be more limited in the type of bingo it offers, e.g. it sticks to mainly 75 and 90 ball bingo.


Any online casino worth its salt is licensed. In fact, nowadays you’ll struggle to find any iGaming website that isn’t licensed, such as the rigidity of gambling regulations across the world. If in doubt however, make sure to thoroughly look over the site you’re thinking of joining; typically, the licensing details are found at the bottom of the page.

Deposits and Withdrawals

In a similar fashion to online casinos, online bingo has had to move with the times and offer a more varied array of banking options. As a result, banking with most bingo sites is easy, quick, and hassle free. For the most part, providers such as Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, and Boku are used, simply because they’re well known, popular, and secure. Alongside ewallets, you’ll also find that bingo sites allow credit/debit cards. Each site is different however, so make sure to check before you join.

Customer Support

Similar to above, bingo sites also offer the same setup as most online casinos do, with users able to contact the support team via live chat and email. Occasionally a telephone option will also be available, however that isn’t as common.

Chat Rooms and Chat Hosts

Unlike with other iGaming communities, online bingo has bingo halls or chat rooms for you to chat in while you play, thus giving a more connected feeling to gameplay. As a direct result of that, bingo sites often have chat hosts. These are people who watch over the room, making sure that everyone has a good time but in a safe and friendly manner.

Mobile Bingo Sites

Online bingo is highly social, as is bingo in any bricks and mortar establishment, and so being able to connect on the move is quite important to a lot of users. As such, mobile bingo sites have become increasingly popular. So much so, that more often than not, a bingo site has been designed specifically with mobile use in mind, even if they don’t offer that package in a mobile app format. Bet365, Foxy Bingo, Heart Bingo, and 888Ladies are among some of the mobile bingo websites that are reliable and safe to play with. What is more, they permit play across most mobile systems, such as IOS and Android, and so gamers don’t have to worry about limitations.


What is a Redesigned Bingo Site?

Redesigned bingo sites are older sites which have undergone a transformation to freshen up its image, typically only aesthetically speaking. This means that, for the most part, that nothing other than its design will change. Redesigned sites aren’t nearly as common as relaunched bingo sites.

What is a Relaunched Bingo Site?

As the name suggests, a relaunched site is a website that has been closed down but has then been reopened. Normally bingo sites do this when a change of operators and/or owners occurs. Not only does this help signify that a change has taken place, but if allows for a more thorough transformation of the brand, such as its services, software used, and so on.

Why Play on a New Bingo Site?

So you already know that you want to play bingo, but do you want to play with an older, more seasoned brand or one of the newbies on the block? We’d opt for the latter. The reason for this comes down to a few things, chiefly the way it looks, plays, and its features. More often than not, new bingo sites offer the most up to date catalogue of games, as well as innovative promotions and interfaces. Although older sites can undergo a rebranding, it’s not nearly as extensive as the freshness of a new bingo site, thus we find a lot of our younger players enjoy them more. New bingo brands tend to have learned lessons off of the hits and misses of other brands and have been able to make sure they provide a site that really works for its customers.

Are New Bingo Sites Safe?

Yes. Occasionally you might get the odd rogue website, but typically they’re licensed just like the more experienced websites. Furthermore, a lot of the newer bingo sites we see online come from owners who have released sites in the past, thus they know what they’re doing.

Who Can Play at a New Bingo Site?

Anyone over the age of 18. As long as you take the time to sign up as a member, you should be able to join no problem. The only hurdle you may encounter is if your country is one of the sites’ restricted territories.

How Do I Claim an Offer?

Follow the prompts that the bingo site gives you, e.g. click here to learn more, or play now and get £10. Of course, if you’re ever in doubt, you can contact the support team for assistance, however that’s rarely needed as the opt in options are always clearly marked on a site. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be ready to go.

Can I Play Slots on These Sites?

Normally, yes you can, however bingo sites vary depending on the network they’re part of (if they are) and who runs them, thus you need to check out the games page before making a final decision. But typically, slots are included.

Can I Review a Bingo Site?

Online gamers leave reviews for the sites they play on all the time — it’s what makes the community so great, there’s just no end of resources! If you want to leave a review, head to the brand’s social media, website, etc and you should be able to leave your feedback.

Bingo Sites 2020

If you’re still keen to get playing some bingo, there’s a number of popular sites you can consider that are fresh for 2020. These come from big names and independent owners, and have been launched this year, therefore giving you some variance in your choice.

Newly Redesigned

Alongside the newest sites available, there’s also a great range of revamped bingo sites to explore should you be interested. These are the sites most recently back on the scene and thus are very much the talk of the community; if you want familiarity with innovation, these are some of the latest sites to visit.

Latest Reviewed

We’re always looking for ways to keep our site up to date with the latest news, which is why we’ve got this section of reviews for you to browse. These are our most up to date reviews thus far, meaning you get the very best and most informed content before anything else — it’s ideal if you’re unsure of which sites to investigate first.