Bingo Cashback for Loyal Players

All online bingo sites offer some type of bonus, bingo cashback is one of the newest and best bonuses around. Bingo bonuses are not only for the new players, but also for the old as well. The idea of bingo cashback is to bring players in and keep them coming back for more. Not all online bingo sites offer a cashback, but some do such as Wink Bingo.

One type of cashback bonus is one that is offered to players on the money they lose each week on deposits made during the same timeframe. On Wink Bingo, these cashback bonuses are 10% of the total loses from Friday to Thursday of the previous week. For example, if you lose £100 over the course of those days, you will get 10% credited back into your bingo account. On Wink Bingo, the loses can come from any type of game played. The money which is credited back is available for play on all regular bingo games at Wink Bingo. This bingo cashback bonus is paid once a week and the maximum amount to be paid each week is £300.

The Wink Bingo cashback bonus is actually one of the better bonuses available in online bingo. It keeps participants playing because it is always in the back of their mind that even if they lose, they will get some of that money credited back to them. Most bonuses are a one time thing that the player must either use or lose and there are many cashback bonuses that fall more under this category than the version that Wink Bingo uses.

What Are These Cashback Deals?

These cashback bonuses kick in when the player deposits money in their account. Different rules and regulations apply to different bingo sites, but a typical cashback bonus involves the player depositing a certain amount and once that amount is wagered in general or on a certain game, they get a certain amount back. This is the formula that Foxy Bingo uses. For example, when players are on Foxy Bingo and wager £20 or more on the slot game White Wizard, they are eligible to receive £5 cashback. In fact, every £20 bet will be eligible for the cashback reward.

The offers for cashback or loyalty rewards are constantly changing. The best thing to do really is keep an eye on your emails and be sure to check the promotions page of your chosen bingo site. Personally i use Costa bingo for my cashback and rewards, it’s the best site and most rewarding ALL the time in my opinion.

Other casinos will also offer cashback rewards, but only do so a few times out of the year. For example, earlier this year Posh Bingo gave customers a 5% cashback bonus each week over about a three week stretch. The bonus was worth anywhere from £1 to £150 each week and the amount was determined by deposits, withdrawals, and reversals made during the same time period. This bingo cashback bonus was credited to player’s accounts and could be used to buy additional bingo tickets, however it’s still no where near as good as the bingo cashback offered by Wink Bingo which is 10% and paid out weekly.

Another type of popular cashback bonus is the one in which players will receive a percentage back of the first deposit made into a new account. This type of cashback bonus is fairly easy to find and is used by such online bingo sites as Bet365. Other times, players will get back a certain amount of free money on their first deposit in another variation f the cashback bonus.